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Project Description
This is a functoid library containing several useful functoids for BizTalk Server.

  • Add Carriage Return and Line Feed: This functoid adds Carriage Return (0x0D) and/or Line Feed (0x0A) to a string.
  • Convert First Letter to Uppercase: This functoid converts a string into the same string, with all words inside the string having been converted to lowercase with a capital first letter. You can optionally specify a list of strings that should not be altered.
  • CSV Extract: This functoid extracts a certain substring from a string separated given a separator and a position.
  • Cumulative Comma: This functoid creates a comma separated list of values based on a reoccurring element.
  • Date Converter: This functoid converts a string representing a datetime from one format to another format, completely customizable.
  • If Then Else: This functoid helps you deal with the If-Then-Else issue in maps.
  • New GUID: This functoid returns a newly generated and unique GUID.
  • Read Application Config: This functoid reads a value from BizTalks app.config file.
  • String Replace: This functoid replaces a string inside another string with a third string. It simply uses the String.Replace method in .NET 2.0.

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